1879 King's Arms 'Sputatore' M85
M85 Sputatore
A Sputatore with a twenty round box. This magazine proved to be more popular with ground forces, due to the reliability issues of the drum in the latter part of the 1800's... even though later engineering by Gordono relieved most of the problems, the stigma remained.
M85 drum
A Sputatore with a 100 Round Drum. Drums such as these were popular as protection rifles for the guards of important nobles and wealthy civilians, mostly because of the large capacity they afforded. Several of the King's Royal Guard were issued these drums for the M85, though they often carry ten or twenty round magazines as spares in case of malfunction. Airship Commandos and Pilots also favored these larger capacity drums when the rifle is mounted to a stable platform. These mounted rifles were redesigned the M85-A, 'A' being an initial for 'Airship'.
Basic Information
Type Semi-Automatic Rifle

Automatic Rifle Light Machine Gun

Place of Origin Inoroth
Service History
In Service 1885-1930(?)
Used by Inoroth
Wars War of Voerdish Sovereignty

Tarnost Campaign Black Isle Campaign 1907 Dal-Ino War

Production History
Designer Giuseppe Gordono
Designed 1879-1883
Manufacturer King's Arms Co.
Number Built ~ 21,000,000
Variants M85 - Semi/Full Auto Rifle

M85-A - Airship Variant (Mounted) M85A3 - Light Machine Gun (Bipod)

Weight M85 - 9 lb 3 oz (empty)

M85A3 - 11 lb 5 oz (empty)

Length 43.5 in
Barrel Length 20.2 in
Cartridge .30-06 Inorothian

.303 Fanaglian

Action Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt
Rate of Fire 450–1000 rounds/min depending on variant
Muzzle Velocity 710 m/s (2300 ft/s)
Effective Range M85 - 800 m

M85A3 - 500 m

Feed System 8 round box,

10 round box, 20 round box, 30 round drum, 100 round drum

The Sputatore M85 is a rifle that was designed far ahead of it's time, as it has a Semi/Full-Auto select-fire mechanism.  It's designer, Giuseppe Gordono, believed that it would revolutionize the way wars were fought, but it was largely ignored by the milirary for over a decade.

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