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Vapor has been around since 2012. Since then, we've had many key players come and go, as well as a significant reboot in 2018, which has left many articles contained in this wiki out-of-date or entirely non-canon. Rather than simply remove parts of our history that no longer apply, we have decided to preserve them in our "Legends Canon," so that they may exist outside of Vapor's proper and current canon history. This is one of those articles.
Map Coordinates 59° East / 17° South
Nation Cygnar
Province/territory Greater Ceryl
Settled 900 BC, Cerylian Tribe
Type Imperial City
Mayor Theodoric Schwarze
Area 689 km2
Elevation 4m
Time Zone Western Cygnaran Time Zone (WCT)
City 3 million
Density 4354 people per sq km
Demonym Cerylian
Ceryl is the northwestern-most city in Cygnar, and also home to the largest commercial ports in south promethia. Ceryl is of large importance to Cygnar and the world: Not only it is the largest port in the southern hemisphere, it is also the headquarters of the world's largest and most expansive organization: the Federation of Imperial Nations, originally known as the triumvirate. 


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