Dominion Defense Force
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Active 775 - Present
Country The Dominion of Mishmahig
Allegiance The Archpriest and House of Penitants
Type Army
Size 321,705 men
Motto Pro aris et focis
March The Dominion Forevermore
Colours Gold and Scarlet

The Dominion Defense Force is the name given to the land forces of the Dominion of Mishmahig. Also sometimes referred to as the Herrschaftsgebiet Heere, the Dominion Defense Force has existed in one form or another since the Second Exodus in 775 CE. An all-volunteer force, consisting of over 300,000 men and women, the Defense Force is one of three major branches of the Dominion Armed Forces, collectively referred to as the Staatswehr

Under the control of the Ministry of War, which oversees the entirety of the Staatswehr, the affairs of the Dominion Defense Force are overseen by the Underminister of the Army. Despite being a political appointee, the Underminister of the Army is usually an experienced commander, promoted from a small pool of generals in charge of the various corps of the Dominion Defense Force. 

Having existed for over a thousand years, the Dominion Defense Force has a long and storied history, albeit one that repeats itself quite often. Having little to no interactions on an international scale, the majority of the Staatswehr were focused on the continent of Promethia, namely skirmishes with the kingdoms to the south, the Promethian tribes to the north and east, and pirates to the west. Only recently has the Dominion Defense Force been deployed abroad, notably to Voerdeland during the War of Voerdish Sovereignty and to Inesea during the War of Tschowan Aggression. Despite their lack of international acclaim, the Dominion Defense Force is not to be taken idly, able to draw upon knowledge and tactics from centuries ago as well as a strong pool of fanaticism from their recruits. 


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Defensive FortificationsEdit

See Gallieni Defensive Line.