High Aristocra of the Peoples' Council
Formbi after graduating the Oligarch's University in 1833.
Detailed Information
Nationality Inesean
Occupation(s) Vice-Oligarch of Camjarca

Oligarch of Camjarca Chairman of the Socialist Provisional Government High Aristocra of the Peoples' Council

Years Active 1833-1903
Born July 3rd, 1813
Died August 5th, 1903
Spouse(s) Kiroa Mismi Camara'bin'Huehuahui
Children Councilman Amayao Camara'bin'Huehuahui

Admiral Kalakuna Camara'bin'Huehuahui

Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Religion Rothian Catholic
Necroformbicus Xianixa Mextaphilium Camara'bin'Huehuahui, or Formbi as his Amplectorial name went, was the first High Councilman of the Former Aristocratic States of Inesea. He died at the conclusion of the Tschowan War of Aggression

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