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Imperia, Circa 1904
Map Coordinates 19°7′17″N 29°4′28″W
Nation Servoth
Province/territory Zentrum
Settled 1832
Type Martial Law
Mayor Burgermeister Kruz
Area 196.8 km2
Elevation 125-205 m
Time Zone RMT -2 (Rothian Mean Time)
City 350,938 (1900 estimate)

377,062 (1910 estimate)

Density 3172.9/km2 (1971.6/sq mi)
Demonym Imperian
Imperia is the capital city of Servoth and is also the largest. Imperia is considered a technological marvel and engineering feat, the city having been built from the ground up and equipped with all modern commodities.


Imperia began as the idea of a unifed city from which the newly unified Servoth would be governed. Original plans for the city the city were drawn in 1827, following the Servothian unification. Additions to the design were added to the design, until the Servothian leadership believed the design perfect. 

Construction began in late 1831 and on into 1832, the chosen location being a swampy area in the center of Servoth, an area renamed Zentrum meaning center.

Construction of the main portions of the city were completed by 1842, with various updated and expansions being performed as needed.

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