Jacqueline Beaumont
Detailed Information
Nationality Fanaglian
Occupation(s) Voerdish Regional Director, Black Shield



Years Active 1880-
Born 29 August, 1852
Died Unknown
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Religion Agnostic
She was born the daughter of a wealthy Cadwal merchant in 1852. When the war broke out in 1872, she left against her parents' wishes to join the resistance in Pisiano led by Princess Autumn. Shortly after arriving in Pisiano, she received word that her parents had fled to Dehui, wanted by King DiMarco's Secret du Roi. Rushing to the then-obscure island colony, she discovered her father's dirigible moored in Quesani, but no trace of her family. After the war ended, she remained in Dehui, searching out any former members of DiMarco's Secret du Roi, to make them pay. Her search led her to the dark underbelly of Dehui's criminal world, where she made her way as a mercenary and pirate. Her growing reputation as a feared pirate of the skies together with her wealthy background left her in a position to bargain with Governor Allan, which in turn gave her a great amount of power, which she used to declare herself the "Pirate Queen of Dehui."

In 1883, Governor Allan was found murdered by Beaumont and her pirates for refusing to play by her rules. She proceeded to then assert legal authority over the island and independence from the Kingdom. Queen Autumn responded by dispatching an RAS fleet to deal with her band of brigands. Beaumont and her pirates were defeated, she was captured, and was sentenced to death. Unbeknownst to Queen Autumn, her execution order was not carried out and Jacqueline Beaumont was instead secretly locked up in Kraftenberg Maximum Security Prison until her covert release in the winter of 1889 by Black Shield agents.