General (5 Star) Yulia Haynes is the Supreme Allied Commander of Pavlostani, and the single highest ranking commander in the Pavlostani military. She served from the Baker's Day War to the
General Haynes


War of the Three Kings

Early CareerEdit

General Haynes was born in Togia in 1861. In 1879, she enrolled in the University of Togia, receiving a Masters in Tactical Science and Psychology. In the Baker's Day War, she was pressed into service and quickly proved to be an efficient and ruthless commander.

Haynes' company, Shadow Company led the assault into Ghazel territory during the war, and working co-op with GBV assets, provided active intel for the SAF to eliminate the Ghazel leader, winning the war for Khamul.                    


General Lady Haynes
Detailed Information
Allegiance Pavlostani
Born April 27th, 1861
Died May 22nd 1952
Service/Branch Army
Years of service 59
Rank General (5 Star), SACPAV
Commands Held Shadow Company, 112nd Infantry Division, 34th Shock Army, SACPAV
Battles/Wars Voerdeland Crisis, Sri-AMEN war, MELTING ICE

Other Work None
Spouse(s) Pavel VIII
Children Pavel XI
Religion None/Agnostic

Voerdeland CrisisEdit

After defeating the Ghazel in the Baker's Day War, Haynes remained in service. By 1885, she held th respectable position of commander. When Voerdeland collapsed, Haynes was promoted to General (2 Star), after correctly predicting a terrorist attack and presumably saving thousands.

Following the Gratian and VPG attacks on Brandburg, Haynes and the 34th Shock Army were deployed to Voerdeland. Haynes was forever disturbed by memories of the camps. 

Sri-AMEN WarEdit

Following the attacks on Khamulite shipping in the Vitus from Tschowan privateers, Haynes was assigned to Inesea. She is notable for doing absolutely nothing in the war.

Three KingsEdit

Following the secession of the Ming Empire, General Haynes led an army into Ming territory that vanished. She is presumed dead.