One of Nuln's manufacturing sectors, 1905

Caspia may be bigger, Ceryl more adorable, but no city can match the industrial might of Nuln. Home to the most important forges of the kingdom, most of Cygnar's warjacks, artillery, ammunition, and other products, have their origin in Nuln. What originally began as an trading outpost in the southern peninsula, Nuln has grown immensely in the past decades, both economically and demographically wise. It stands as an imposing bastion, its fortified walls bristling with enough heavy artillery emplacements to arm a fleet of war galleons.

  • Nuln artillery factory, 1830's
  • A torpedo factory, 1906
  • An airplane factory in Nuln, 1914
  • A train departing from a fuel factory in Nuln

The Spire [Alternate RPs]Edit


The Spire, 1916

With the construction of The Spire , a colossal machination to act as the basis of Nuln's manufacturing center, the city's importance has grown into a world scale.

It took ten years for the project of the spire to be accepted by the high council and the municipality of nuln, but after it was, it took 7 more years to dig enough space for the gears to be setup. After another three decades, the first and main piece of the clockwork system was placed in the heart of the structure. It took another four decades for the rest of the structure to be built and put in place. Adding up, the construction of the spire took around 80 years to complete, with the grand opening happening in 1913.

With over 34 titanic metal-clad gears set up in a mighty clockwork device, the power generated by the movement of such immense engines is more than enough to power Nuln and several neighbouring cities. Additionally, not only serving as a power source, on top of the gear structure, hundreds of forges and furnaces were setup, to be sold to private enterprise. The pollution caused by such a titanic feat of engineering, however, Is the top concern of the guild of engineers who built the spire, and solutions to deal with it are being tested everyday.

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