The Oligarchical Armed Service was instituted in 1682, a year after the final Fall of the Ming Empire, as the Army for the fledgling Aristocratic States of Inesea. It was founded and first led by Oligarch-Generalissimo Ching Chan Kek, a former member of the defunct Imperial Ming Army. He formed the OAS around the older doctrine used by the First Ming Empire, that caled for a small, professional army that used crack raids and the best technology to win wars, as opposed to the human wave doctrine of the Second Ming Empire. Under this ideal, the OAS grew to a largest pre-civil war extent of 55,000 men. They effectively defended the Aristocratic States of Inesea and expanded the borders northwards for 178 years, until the Great Civil War and the collapse of the Aristocratic States and all her trappings. 

Beginnings and RiseEdit

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Northern ExpansionismEdit

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Dark DaysEdit

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Great Civil WarEdit