The PAR-03 is an automatic rifle designed by Azimov Arms in 1903 as a response to losses on the Cycuiian front in the Vitus War. In its early years, it saw limited use as it was not widely manufactured. In 1905 after unity began to form between the tribes of the Apelanese culture to the south, it became more widely produced and became a common weapon by the time of the First World War.

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Basic Information
Type Automatic Rifle
Place of Origin Pavlostani
Service History
In Service 1903-1940
Used by Pavlostani
Wars War of Three Kings

War of Apelanese Aggression War of the Ice World War I

Production History
Designer Azimov Arms
Designed Unknown
Number Built 32,000
Variants Unknown
Weight Unknown
Length Unknown
Barrel Length Unknown
Cartridge Unknown
Action Unknown
Muzzle Velocity Unknown
Feed System Unknown

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