Tagan Model 1891 Repeater
Tagan Model 1891
"Entier" variant
Model 1891 Petit
"Petit" variant
Basic Information
Type Lever-action rifle
Place of Origin Fanaglia
Service History
In Service 1891-
Used by Fanaglia, Patisserie-Goulash, Voerdeland, Hacha Hatak, Inoroth
Wars Unknown
Production History
Designer Alonso Tagan
Designed 1889-1890
Manufacturer Tagan Arms
Number Built Unknown
Variants Entier


Weight 3.1 kg (6.8 lb) (Entier)
Length 960 mm (37.8 in) (Entier)
Barrel Length 510 mm (20 in) (Entier)
Cartridge .22 Long Rifle

.30-30 Tagan
.45 Long Colt
.303 Fanaglian

Action Lever action
Rate of Fire Unknown
Muzzle Velocity 759 m/s (2,490 ft/s)
Effective Range Unknown
Feed System 4- or 7-round internal tube magazine
The Tagan Model 1891 Repeater was one of the first commercial repeating rifles built to be used with smokeless powder and began using a different steel composition to better handle higher-pressure rounds.

The Model 1891's combination of potent firepower in a compact, lightweight, comfortable to carry, and quick-shooting package has made it extremely popular amongst both soldiers and hunters. As a result, it was the first sporting rifle to sell over 8,000,000 units.

The Winchester 1894's design allowed the cycling of longer cartridges than most competing manufacturers' carbines could permit. When the lever is pulled down, it brings the bottom of the receiver with it, opening up more space and allowing a longer cartridge to feed without making the receiver longer. The mechanism is complex but very reliable. Complete stripping of the action is a multi-stage task that must be accomplished in precise sequence. However it is rarely necessary to completely strip the action. The largest cartridge that the 1894 action can accommodate is the .303 Fanaglian, which was chambered in some special-order rifles that became available in 1901.

Tagan Model 1891s are also manufactured in the common revolver caliber .45 Long Colt, which is its most popular caliber amongst both hunters and soldiers as it allows one type of ammunition for both rifle and handgun. Typically, the tube magazine is able to hold 10 .45LC rounds. The magazine capacity depends on the length of the barrel, as the tube magazine (located below the barrel) typically covers the entire length of the barrel. A typical combination is an 1891 Repeater and a Tagan Thunderhorse .45.