The Brotherhood is an assassin guild based in Khamul/Pavlostani . They have no official connection to the Khamulite/Pavlostani government, although the Khamulite/Pavlostani government will occasionally give the Brotherhood a contract, or if a contract serves national interests, the government will add a bonus.


  1. Thug Package: A single assassin. Handy for breaking and entering. Armed with a knife. 500 gold pieces.
  2. Red Package: A team with two weeks worth of rations. Handy for travelling and killing a number of targets. One sniper, the others armed with pistols. 3000 gold pieces.
  3. Demolition Package:  Two assassins. One armed with explosives designed to enter a strong building (perhaps a palace), the other designed to kill. Armed with an assortment of explosives, and a pistol. 1500 gold pieces.
  4. Warrior Package: Six men. They enter a building, kill the target, then fight their way out. 2000 gold pieces.
  5. Stakeout Package: A single sniper. He waits outside the building for a while for the target to arrive, then kills them. 500 gold pieces.
  6. Shadow Package: A stealth team. Well suited to the shadows. Boasts the most kills out of all packages (As of January 1st, 1900, 433 kills). 5000 gold pieces.

It is possible to hire multiple packages for a target.


The Brotherhood charges a fixed amount for a package, added with mission costs, and an amount based on the expected difficulty of the mission. For example, hiring them to kill someone's wife in their sleep would most likely cost about 600 gold pieces. Whereas, an assassination attempt against the leader of a government could stretch into the millions.

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