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The Two Tribes War
Retreat of the Russian Army after the Battle of Mukden
Retreat of the Two Tribes' Army after their rout at Muckdein during the River Campaign
Basic Information
Date September 1st, 1901-December 5th, 1902
Location Eastern Unincorporated Zone
Result Decisive Inesean Victory, annexation of the Dolgan Tribe and Matriarchy of the Nivkh by the Former Aristocratic States of Inesea
Inesean Colonial Forces Two Tribe Confederacy
Former Aristocratic States of Inesea Dolgan Tribe

Matriarchy of the Nivkh

Commanders and Leaders
General Hondo

Skyy Marshall Chang Commander Ming

Chief Powow

Queen Aleut Warchief Lamak

15,000 Marines

2,000 Rangers || 15,000 Dolgans 10,000 Nivkhs

Casualties and Losses
3,000 D.

7,500 W. || 11,000 D. 6,340 W.

Events Leading to WarEdit

The Two Tribes War was a 2 year long war between the Former Aristocratic States of Inesea and Dolgan Tribe and Matriarchy of the Nivkh. It was the longest war since the Civil War, albeit the least bloody in terms of casualties. The cause of the war was the death of Pro-Inesean Queen Laluk, ruler of the Nivkh. Her daughter, Queen Aleut, despised the Ineseans for what she, rightfully, saw as the assimilation and destruction her country. Upon assuming the throne in January of the year 1901, she began to obtain weapons and modern firearms from other countries. In October, she subverted the rightful ruler of the Dolgans with her puppet, Powow. Amassing their combined armies totaling 25,000 men, she made her move. On September 1st, 5,000 Dolgans and Nivkhs, armed with modern firearms and limited artillery, stormed Fort Bashir. 

The River CampaignEdit

Battle for Fort Bashir

Battle for the Jinx River

Dawn Massacre

Hondo's Last Stand

Defense of Aryaal

Bloody SundayEdit

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Fort BashirEdit

Second Battle of Fort Bashir

Third Battle of Fort Bashir