Type 30 Standard Infantry Rifle
798px-Arisaka Type 30
A side view of a Type 30 SIR in 1892.
Basic Information
Type Infantry Rifle
Place of Origin Former Aristocratic States of Inesea
Service History
In Service 1887-1907
Used by Inesea

Pavlostani Thelor Central Promethian Tribes

Wars War of Mistakes
Production History
Designer Hamatchi Nguyen
Designed 1885-1887
Number Built 3,410,000
Variants Calvary Model 1890

Vehicle Model 1894 Civilian Model 1901 Refit Model 1902

Weight 3.95 kilograms
Length 1,280 millimeters
Barrel Length 797 millimeters
Cartridge 6.5×50mm Nguyen

(1902 Refit) 7x50mm Nguyen

Action Bolt action
Muzzle Velocity 765 meters per second (2,510 ft/s)
Feed System 5-round internal magazine