Rifle Type44

This is a Second Variant Type 44 Carbine.

General SummaryEdit

The Type 44 Carbine is the Standard Infantry Weapon of the Airborne Rangers manufactured by Nguyen Weapon Systems Incorporated. It was seen in service from 1899 to 1925. It comes in three variants. The First variant has a 5 round internal clip, and six inch detachable bayonet. The Second Variant also has a 5 round clip, but has a 7 inch folding bayonet, and a slot for a second clip in the stock. The Third Variant has a 4 inch sliding bayonet, 15 clip magazine, and a slot for another clip in the stock. All clips are use stripper rounds.

Each of the Variants have a Rate of Fire around 30 rounds per minute. The barrels were all 996 mm long sans bayonet. They were very accurate for medium ranges, despite being a carbine.

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