Type 45 Nguyen Automatic Rifle
800px-Madsen machine gun with magazine
A Type 45 with spare magazine
Basic Information
Type Light Machine Gun
Place of Origin Inesea
Service History
In Service 1887 to 1930
Used by Inesea
Wars War of Mistakes

Two Tribes War War of Tschowan Aggression 1910 World War

Production History
Designer Keje Al-Amur

Rasic Nguyen

Designed 1886-1887
Manufacturer Nguyen Weapons Systems Incorporated
Number Built 3,000,000
Variants Model 1887

Model 1895 Model 1905

Weight 20 lbs.
Length 1,143 mm
Barrel Length 584 mm
Cartridge 7.7x58mm Nguyen
Action Long recoil-operated
Rate of Fire 450 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity 870 m/s
Effective Range 2,000 meters meters
Feed System 25, 30, 40-round detachable box magazine

General SummaryEdit

The Type 45 Automatic Rifle, commonly known as the NAR or Nguyen Automatic Rifle, is the mainstay machine gun of Infantry Fireteams in the People's Army. It was designed and produced by nguyen Weapon Systems Incorporated in the year 1887. It saw service from 1890 to past 1910. There were a few modifications made to the design over the years, but the base design stayed the same. It could use magazines ranging from 25 to 40 rounds, had a Rate of Fire of 450 rpm, and had a muzzzle velocity of 870 meters per second.