Vladimir Helgraf II is the chief ambassador of the PDC (Pavlostani Diplomatic Corps). He is married to Andrey Helgrafa and father to Vladimir Helgraf III. He is the first openly gay diplomat in Pavlostani, perhaps in all of Vapor.


Ambassador Vladimir Helgraf II

Early LifeEdit

Helgraf was born in the merchant city of Vitograd on April 16th, 1862 to a potato farmer and a weaver. When Helgraf was seventeen, he was sent to the University of Togia, where he achieved a Masters Degree in Law and Order. Helgraf continued his education, eventually choosing a carrer in the fledgling Khamulite Diplomatic Corps. 


Vladimir Helgraf II
Detailed Information
Nationality Khamulite/Pavlostani
Occupation(s) Ambassador
Years Active 1885-
Born April 16th, 1862
Died October 13th, 1939
Spouse(s) Andrey Helgraf
Children Vladimir Helgraf III
Religion None


Helgraf was a minor ambassador at first. His first assignment was as an aid in the Khamulite mission in Inesea. Despite admittedly dull work, Helgraf grew and expanded in a way nobody expected. He thrived off the difficult work most others despised. Within two years, he had risen to the respectable position of General-Ambassador.

In 1885, Helgraf was sent to Miteria to negotiate a treaty with Inesea, Miteria, Rosswood and Mishmahig. The conference was a remarkable success, forming the alliance of AMEN. So pleased with his success, Pavel VII (The Cruel) awarded Helgraf the title of Minister of Foreign Affairs. Helgraf was now the highest position in the Khamulite Foreign Corps.

Following the opening of the Brandburg camps in 1890, Helgraf attempted to negotiate the liberation between Pavel VII and President Wayford of the Republic of Nova Voerda. The conference was unsuccessful and Helgraf was demoted back to General-Ambassador for "Treason to the Words of Khamul."

On December 4th, 1896, Helgraf married Yuri Lyubenko. In 1897, Lyubenko filed for divorce as Helgraf was often far from home, in various embassies or consulates. On February 28th 1899, Helgraf married Andrey Narmonov. Narmonov also served in the foreign service and accompanied Helgraf to many locations, serving as an aide.

As the century turned, Pavel VIII was put into power by his father. Pavel VIII reinstated Helgraf to the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs. In 1903, Helgraf was sent to negotiate the Treaty of Ban Phai and end the Vitus War.